Hopefully, this isn’t too confusing. I didn’t want Leezet to wait while I talked to mom and dad, so I screenshared the Facetime call so she knew what was going to happen. That probably didn’t help.

↓ Transcript
Errol and Leezet are on Zoom. Errol is going to share his screen which has his parents on Facetime.

Panel 1 -
Errol: OK. Now that you're on Zoon, I'm going to share my screen which has mom and dad on Facetime. They won't see you, though. I'll try to get them on this Zoom call.
Leezet: Sure!

Panel 2 -
Lolo: Hi.
Lola: Oh! You're back!
Leezet: Hi, mom! Hi, dad!
Errol: Dad, I sent you an email to join Zoom.

Panel 3 -
Lolo: Email?
Lola: Oh! I hear Lizette. Hi, Lizette!
Leezet: Hi, mom! Can you see me?
Errol: No. They need to join Zoom to see you. Dad, join Zoom!

Panel 4 -
Lolo (trolling): I have email?
Lola (not trolling): Lizette! It's mom! Can you hear me?
Leezet (not listening): I can! you can't see me?
Errol (not impressed): Just wait until we're on Zoom!

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