I’m shocked Zoe didn’t put up more of a fight when she learned I would be MCing.

↓ Transcript
Zoe and Errol are on a video meeting.

Panel 1 -
Shelley: Hey, Zoe and Errol. Thanks for joining this test run for Zoe's piano recital.
Zoe: Hi.
Errol: Hi, Shelley!

Panel 2 -
Shelley: And thanks for agreeing to MC, Errol. Um...is your hair blue?
Errol: Yes. Zoe dyed it!

Panel 3 -
Shelley: Ok. Anyway, for the other students on the call, Errol will be the one who will introduce you.
Errol: Hi! I'm Zoe's dad! I lover her very much even though she's spoiled!

Panel 4 -
Zoe: It's never funny when you say that. Don't say that during the performance.
Errol: I'm sure all of you are more well-behaved than my daughter!
Zoe: Stop it.
Shelley: Um... OK... moving along...

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