And we also called Leezet to sing “Amazed” to her, in case you’re wondering.

↓ Transcript
Elumirs and Manpans are around the table having Thanksgiving dinner.

Panel 1 -
Errol: It's Thanksgiving! So we need Thanksgiving music!
Zoe: Oh no.

Panel 2 -
Errol: Hey, Google! Play 80s music!
Zoe: Hey, Google —
Ekko: Zoe, don't stop it!

Panel 3 -
Zoe: — set volume to four!
Errol: Hah! You tricked me, I thought you were going to stop it.
Ekko: There's still no food drawn here.

Panel 4 - Five minutes later...
Offscreen, three people are singing: "🎶 You outta know by now how much I love you!!! 🎵"
Manpans: For someone initially against 80s, Zoe sure can belt it out.
Keren: No one is ever against the 80s in this house.

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