By the way, this conversation isn’t real. However, the situation is real. That won’t make sense until tomorrow though. I’ll explain it then.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Leezet and Errol are chatting on some digital platform) -
Leezet: Hey. I started an Instagram account.
Errol: What? Why? For your dog?

Panel 2 -
Leezet: What? No. It's so we can chat!
Errol: But you have an account!

Panel 3 -
Leezet: I started a new one to chat.
Errol: Yes, you've said. I'm asking why you need a new account!

Panel 4 -
Leezet: I don't understand.
Errol: YOU don't understand?! You started all of this!!


  1. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s a real conversation….. because I remember saying “I don’t understand”

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