I can’t remember if you were there for this Leezet. Do you remember mom watching me play “7 Days to Die”? She should just go back to her “Family Feud”!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Errol is on the computer) -
Lola: Why is it so dark?
Errol: Why aren't you watching TV?

Panel 2 -
Lola: It's dark! I can't see anything!
Errol: Why do you need to see things?

Panel 3 -
Lola: Why do you keep playing this?
Errol: Fine! There. I put some light up. Are you happy?

Panel 4 -
Lola: Why is the flooring so ugly?
Errol: Just watch your TV!!


  1. Totally remember. I remember her saying “Are you done making walls. I’m tired of seeing you make walls.”

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