And next month, it’s Keren’s birthday. I’m going to make good use of this list.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Keren: I took Wednesday evening off for Zoe's birthday.
Errol: Oh, right. It's August.

Panel 2 -
Keren: She wants to go out for dinner, so I'm going to make reservations at the Keg.
Errol: I guess I should get her a present.

Panel 3 -
Keren: Ask Ekko. She has a list.
Errol: A list? What is she, Santa Claus?

Panel 4 -
Keren: Anytime any of us says anything, she writes it down in her list.
Errol: Sounds ominous. Still, I should check if she has accurately recorded my tastes.
Ekko: No.

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