We’ve had a plan with Roger’s with crap features. And then they removed long distance for us. Sadness. Zoe is always annoyed there is no call display.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Lolo, Errol, Ekko, Zoe, and Keren are in the car) -
Errol is calling someone on the Lolo's phone: *ring* *ring*
Keren: Who are you calling?
Ekko: Probably aunty Leezet.

Panel 2 -
Car phone: *ring* *ring*
Errol: Why isn't Leezet picking up?
Keren: Leave your sister alone. She's probably still on the plane.

Panel 3 -
Car phone: *ring* *ring*
Errol: But what about my need for entertainment?
Keren: Why do you always call when in the car?

Panel 1 -
Car phone: *ring* *ring*
Errol: I'll call Manpans.
Ekko: Dad calls because it's free on Lolo's phone.
Zoe: Sounds like we need a better phone plan.
Keren: Sounds like this family is too obsessed with phones.

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