Although not shown, we are wearing coats because this is in February in Calgary. Admittedly, it wasn’t as cold as it normally was though! I brought too thick of a coat for this trip!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Choy and Chino are going inside Lola and Lolo's house) -
Chino: Once we give you the signal, come in.
Errol: Okay!

Panel 2 -
Offscreen: Hi!
Offscreen: Hi!

Panel 3 [A mere ten seconds later...] -
Offscreen: [Sounds of Lola talking]
Errol: Where's my signal?

Panel 4 [5 seconds pass] -
Offscreen: [Lola still talking but it's hard to understand.]
Errol: It's cold out here! Where's my signal?

Panel 5 [Another 5 seconds pass] -
Offscreen: [Still talkking. How can she be so loud and yet her words so unclear?]
Errol: Wait...what IS the signal?

Panel 6 -
Offscreen: [More talking. It's probably about food or arguing with Lolo.]
Errol: Hold on, they're closing the door!? How will they signal through a closed door?

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