I think every game host knows that my sister is a doctor now.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Errol: Huzzah! We escaped the room.
Manpans: That was cool!
Leezet: It was!

Panel 2 -
Game Host (Offscreen): You escaped!
Errol: Sorry about all the texts on the hint phone. The doctor gets lonely.
Leezet: Shut up, loser.

Panel 3 -
Game Host (Offscreen): By the way, I chatted with my boyfriend...
Errol: What a healthy relationship!

Panel 4 -
Game Host (Offscreen): ...and he said he'd like to be your friend too!
Errol: Huzzah! Was it because my sister is a doctor?!
Leezet: Ugh...why?
Manpans: Can we just get to the next room?

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