This was fortuitous! I was working on this comic, and didn’t realize Genny said the last panel. When the story was relayed to me, I only had the first three. It makes it so much better!

↓ Transcript
Genny and Keren are out in a paddle boat.

Panel 1 -
Genny (singing): 🎶 I'm poopy. So poopy. I'm Poopy, I'm Poopy the Squirrel. 🎵

Panel 2 -
Genny: Ya know, auntie Keren, your family is weird.
Keren: Oh?

Panel 3 -
Genny (referring to Keren): You always paint and do art.

Panel 4 -
Genny (referring to Ekko): You do weird cooking adventures.

Panel 5 -
Genny (referring to Errol): You always sing strange songs.

Panel 6 -
Genny: And you always insult each other.
Keren: I really should get Zoe to town it down.

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