It’s pretty impressive. Every time we come, there’s a bowl of oranges. It’s wonderful.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Elumirs in the car) -
Keren: We're here!
Zoe, Ekko, Errol: Yay!

Panel 2 (Shepherd's home. Bowl of oranges on the counter.) -
Cheryl: Hi, Keren!
Keren: Hi, Cheryl!

Panel 3 (Bowl of oranges is now empty) -
Cheryl: Hi, Errol!
Errol: Hi, Aunt Cheryl!

Panel 4 -
Cheryl (looking at empty orange bowl): That's impressive.
Errol: I can always be rest assured this house is stocked with oranges!
Ekko: "Was" stocked. Give me one.
Errol: No.

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