The conversation was more involved, of course, before it got to my dad shoes, so it’s not as abrupt as it sounds. Still, I didn’t know they were dad shoes.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - Errol is in the park looking for his workmates for a work social
Errol: Hmmm. Parks are big. I probably should have checked to see where they were meeting.

Panel 2 -
Offscreen 1: There's Errol!
Offscreen 2: Hi, Errol!
Offscreen 3: You made it!
Errol: Allo, everyone!

Panel 3 -
Offscreen 1: Did you find the place okay?
Offscreen 2: Of course you'd be wearing a Totoro mask.
Offscreen 3: And dad shoes.
Offscreen 4: What exactly is Totoro?
Errol: Dad shoes?

Panel 4 -
Offscreen 1: Of course he's wearing dad shoe. He's a dad.
Offscreen 2: And he's really a dad.
Offscreen 3: His eldest kid is 19.
Offscreen 4: Whoa! That old?
Errol: Why do young folk have these secret fashion classifications?


          1. Sneakers. Which seem disqualified by yesterday’s cartoon. My wife says the a true dad would wear the closed-toe sandals with socks.

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