Hello, everyone. I must apologize for the lateness in comics. Yes, this is dated for Apr 3rd, but I know in reality it’s June 21.

I just want to finish off this arc, which will finish off tomorrow in an abrupt way, because sadly, I have no idea what really happened now that it’s four months later.

Maybe Leezet remembers. If so, I can continue it! If not, I’ll return the comic back to the present. Help me, Leezet!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Lola: Do you want rice? I have rice.
Errol: Wouldn't make sense if you didn't, mom.

Panel 2 -
Lola: I'll get you rice.
Errol: I'm joking, mom! Do you have anything to drink?

Panel 3 -
Lola: You want juice? Or milk? I can get you milk.
Errol: I'm lactose intolerant, mom.

Panel 4 -
Lola: Oh, right! I forgot!
Errol: Admit it, mom. Leezet's your favourite.
Lola: Oh, you be quiet, there.


  1. Errol wins! I had an interview but haven’t heard back. They said by tomorrow….Not holding my breath. But congrats – Errol -1. Job – 0. 🙂

  2. Aghhhh – it says not posted and then…this. Sorry for the overflow. But Errol should celebrate his win. 🙂

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