This all started because I called my parents for Father’s day. And then dad asked about doing a Zoom meeting for the seniors in his club.

↓ Transcript
Errol and Leezet are still talking to their mom on Zoom.

Panel 1 -
Leezet: So, mom! What do you think of Errol's hair?
Errol: How's dad now? He wanted to host his own Zoom.
Lola: I'll get him. Bye bye! I love you!

Panel 2 -
Leezet: Mom! you don't have to go!
Errol: She's always so quick to leave. I'm starting to think it's me.
Lolo: Hey.

Panel 3 -
Leezet: Hi, dad!
Errol: Hey, dad. So you want to host your own Zoom with your Seniors Club?
Lolo: Yeah.

Panel 4 -
Leezet: Oh. That will be hard.
Errol: Have faith in dad!
Lolo: Do we need a computer for this?

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