I have sweatpants that my wife bought me! But they’re in the wash. So I’ve been wearing hers since she’s been at work for the last few days. I like them a lot! The children… not so much.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Errol: I'm ready for the nightly drive!
Keren (Off screen): Zoe! We're going now!

Panel 2
Errol: We're not getting out of the car, right?
Keren (Off screen): No, why?

Panel 3
Keren: Hh...What are you wearing?
Errol: I think you're sweatpants. I couldn't find mine.
Zoe (unimpressed expression)

Panel 4
Errol: They're soft, tight, and comfy!
Keren: You're definitely not getting out of the car.
Zoe: Why are we letting him come?

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