I’ve started to share the webcomic on my facebook wall. I never did that before because I didn’t want to clog people’s feed.

Still, one new person was appreciative! Huzzah! So I’ll continue to do so until I forget. 😀 We all know how that’s going to work out.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1
Errol: Hi, Dove. where are you off to?
Keren: Zoe and I are going for our nightly drive.

Panel 2
Errol: Oh, right! Since it's the weekend, maybe the whole family should go!
Zoe: Wait. Why are you letting dad come?

Panel 3
Errol: Ekko! Do you want to go with them on their nightly drive?
Keren: So we can be a family together!
Zoe: It's already bad enough they never leave the house.

Panel 4
Ekko: I can't go outside! I'll break my streak!
Errol: Ha, you still won't beat mine.
Keren: It's not a contest.
Zoe: Ekko's not coming? one step closer to my perfect family.

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