In the end, you know, I wonder if they flagged me as a problem customer.

However, during that time I also had helpful support people. And you know what? I wasn’t demanding or impatient with them.

Another chat person mentioned they had a significant load problem, and read through my problems, didn’t ask me to repeat myself (in a CHAT where they could read back), and understood my problem, and then solved it.

So deep down, I hope their is some arguing amongst them:
Support 1: “That guy was so rude.”
Support 2: “He was fine with me. He seemed very happy.”
Support 1: “He was telling me I didn’t know how addresses work.”

THAT’S BECAUSE YOU WERE GASLIGHTING ME, AMRIT. AND YOU DON’T! (I think that’s what his name was.)

For the record, Method’s chat support is infinitely better. No wonder people love our chat support, if this is the state of support elsewhere.

In the end, don’t have kids.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 (Errol is on a chat with the phone provider) -
Phone provider: That address isn't a valid address.
Errol: My daughter is in university.
The university has a different postal code.

Panel 2 [A few minutes later...] -
Phone provider: Googling that postal code doesn't give a valid address.
Errol: McMaster University has different postal codes for their residences.
Google the university to see.

Panel 3 [A few minutes later...] -
Phone provider: Please calm down and find the correct address.
Errol (chatting): That is the right address.
Please find someone who understands university addresses.
Errol (talking): "Calm down"?!

Panel 4 [A few minutes later...] -
Phone provider: I can't proceed unless I get a valid address.
Errol (chatting): Forget it.

Chat: ** Chat ended **
Chat: ** Please rate this call **

Errol (talking): You just wait...


  1. In the end, stop making it your goal to troll your sister! Serves you right!
    (That sounds painfully frustrating, though. Sorry you had to go through that…)

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