There was also a significant delay between his responses. At first, I would type a lot, because I was trying to be friendly.

In the end, I kept it as curt as possible because I realized he was multi-tasking and not really reading things I was saying anyway.

It still didn’t speed up the process, nor improve communication.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Errol is on a chat with the phone provider) -
Phone provider: So do you have the right address?
Errol: Yes. It may be hard to read because it's jumbled up. I posted it earlier.

Panel 2 [A few minutes later...] -
Phone provider: That's the address that was shipped to.
Errol: No. The new address has a different postal code. Also, you swapped W for E, so it's going to the wrong side of the city.

Panel 3 [A few minutes later...] -
Phone provider: Please give me the new address.
Errol: I did give you the new address. I'll put it in again.
1280 Main W Hamilton, On L8S 4M6

Panel 4 [A few minutes later...] -
Phone provider: Are you sure that's the right address?
Errol (chatting): That's the right address.
Errol (shouting): YES! I'M SURE!!

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