1. I’d still love to see the “Zoe’s just like you”, “What, she has jeans and three sweaters?” conversation go up in comic form

  2. Uh huh. Their mother raised them because SOMEONE was too busy breaking out of rooms and being in 19 bands and creating all the daily comic strips on the entire inter webs. Just saying. 😉

  3. ^ that comment needs to be a comic!..
    Or maybe your wife needs to be like the equivalent of the Peanuts’ teacher?

    Fun comic haha, I’m amazed your daughters can play Agricola, i barely taught myself Apples-To-Apples

    1. Hah! You had the same idea I had, Mike! I was thinking she could be like a Peanut’s teacher: “Whah waaaa… wa wha wa whaaaa…”

      I started teaching Ekko Agricola Family version at the age of around 7 or 8. And then after a year, I introduced her to the full game. ^_^

  4. Settlers of Catan should be easy enough to teach- after all, there’s a song for just that purpose 😛

    And maybe you should intersperse the escape room sessions with some board game days of your own- if only to keep your expenses down…

      1. *devil on your other shoulder*
        ORRRR you could play MORE Escape rooms, and bring your family!.

        LOL. sorry felt it needed to be said (out loud)

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