The kids aren’t amused when they’re not in the comic. I’ve created monsters. Now all they do is give me suggestions on comics. It never ends.

And am I up late again? Yes. I was playing Nancy Drew with the girls, and we finished off one of them finally! And then we started another! Hah, this one also has the Hardy Boys as guests. So far, they seem useless.

You know, I should run a poll on the next character! Should it be

1) Keren
2) Lizette

I’m scared to put in other suggestions…


  1. Yes. You should put both of them in. I’m sure they’ve both earned the right by putting up with you for so long. 🙂 As for the kids, maybe it’s time you taught them how to make their own comic. I do like seeing them, though.

  2. I vote for both of them, preferably ganging up on you. On the other hand, you seem to get enough of that from your kids.

    So my next question is–would Lizette actually have a corporeal form? Because as funny as the running gag was, it’s a new strip, after all. And she definitely deserves a reward for her support and patience. And just because she’s awesome.

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