Yesterday, Debs & Errol did a song cover for Ren. It’s a leftover perk from one of our crowdfunding campaigns.

It only took me three takes. JUST THREE! Every time we do a video live, I always screw up. I like lip-synching, but Debs doesn’t, so we just do things live. I usually have to do it nine or ten times because I keep screwing up. BUT NOT THIS TIME! BWAHAHAHAHA!

So happy. ^_^

You know what else I have noticed? I keep forgetting to put my sig in. *sigh*


    1. I’ve never been the most sentimental person, so bear that in mind when I say that I actually find much more happiness in getting another D&E video during these final days than I do sadness. I never expected to see anything new come out again. Now I’m very curious to know how many others, if any, need to be fulfilled.

        1. You get a smiley! Doesn’t everyone want a smiley from me? *laugh* And I AM grateful you do those error checks for me!

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