1. Bye, Ekko! Remember, if the plane goes down, put your head between your knees! Or something … I think that’s right. 😀

  2. Hi Ekko! Welcome to California. (Los Angeles? That’s where I am.)

    Did you know that palm trees are not native to California?

    Also we’re in a drought so if you could use a minimal amount of water that would be great.

      1. Uh, no. Sometimes we have lots of water. We’re supposed to have lots of rain this winter, as part of El Nino. We’re in a drought because of a long La Nina (dry season). Instead of rain each winter and then dry heat each summer, this cycle is happening for years at a time.

        Sorry for the lecture.

        EKKO YOU HAVE TO TRY IN N’ OUT BURGER! Best burgers in California.

        1. I’ve tried In n’ Out! ^_^ I need to do it again!

          And admit it, you’re always in a drought. Although, the last time I was there, I think it rained. 😀 That was good!

    1. They’re delicious! You should also try the milkshakes. There’s an In n’ Out right next to the airport (LAX).

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