MNE_20150820_217For the record, since you can’t tell ethnicity in Rock, Paper, Cynic, this comic is probably factually wrong. It could be filled with Asians and I don’t know it.

Anyway, he has a kickstarter which D&E are involved in called BorkenTelephone! There is only one day left to open up more of the stretch goals!

By the way, this looks simple to draw, but it took me a long time…

Anyway, his webcomic is awesome, and so is his kickstarter! So many geek bands are getting involved! You have to check it out!


    1. Actually, in the end, I DID send him the comic before it went live this morning. ^_^

      However, the font I found on the internets, he just told me the name. 😀 Unless it’s his font… I didn’t check the owner…

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