1. I liked the left to right layout myself, but I’m open to whatever you decide. I like the less scrolling when I’m reading the comic.

  2. with this sort of format, with blog posts along with a comic, i think horizontal, or a square, or whatever is the better choice. vertical is maybe only easiest for mobile users.

    however if you have a strip that has a surprise last panel (like the danemen comics do on occasion), then the vertical format is better because the last panel is more likely to be a surprise to the reader, making the joke a bit better.

    i may or may not think about this at least once a week. and by “may not” i mean i totally think about this sort of thing more often than i probably should XD.

  3. I think horizontal looks good. Vertical is a pain to scroll through on the computer, especially if you’re doing comics with more than 4 panels.

  4. I’m so glad you are still doing a daily webcomic. As someone said elsewhere, The webcomics I follow have an unfortunate tendency to end.

    As to the layout: I vote for either horizontal or vertical. Not the 2×2, which looks nice, but makes my brain take in the panels in the wrong order (something like 1-3-4-2 or so).

  5. I vote horizontal. I know mobile users have an easier time with the vertical but it’s weird to look at and now I have to scroll twice. Once to read the comic, once more to go back up for the blurb.

  6. I have no opinion on the layout. I’m just here to giggle at the look on Errol’s face in the last panel. That’s how all married men should look. 🙂

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