Allo all! I know that the vertical format is a bit clunky, but I did like what DZ said, and it is far better for mobile. I still need to figure out the site theme, but I like this one. And I like the font too! Huzzah! I was working on the site for most of the day on Saturday. Blargh.

And yes, I do hope to have Sunday as a comic too! ^_^

For those that are new to this webcomic, and honestly, I doubt any of you are, this is Kari Maaren. I met her as a fellow geek musician and she has a webcomic too!

Kari: Errol is clearly never going to lose an opportunity to throw my pedantry back in my face.


      1. none of them seem to have any. either they’re not there, or they’re not working. it took me like half an hour to figure out where to put my hover text (in the box that said title, apparently) for my blog on wordpress, but that’s for .com not .org.

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