There are a lot of children on Keren’s side of the family, and most of them are extremely blonde. I know I don’t have all of them here, and I didn’t even really make sure their hair styles were exact, but it was close enough.

Basically, the whole weekend is like this when I’m with the kids.

Uncle Toto is a moniker that belongs to Mike, actually. Zoe told some of the kids to call me that. In fact, I also got “Another Man” as well from the youngest ones.


  1. So, I tend to binge read these, and then when I want to comment, I just know that my comment won’t even be noticed, since it’s not on the most recent comic. So, my response to comic #375 (aka “Quiet Night”): Ekko, you have good taste in movies–Drunken Master is great fun! 🙂 Though, I think I prefer the second one: Legend of Drunken Master. Then there’s always Police Story–an excellent Jackie Chan flick! 🙂

    In my defense, you did say your comics are “timey wimey.” 😉

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