Yes, this does tend to happen from time to time. Sadly, I can’t capture Madeline’s voice, because she’s three years old and can’t pronounce everything properly, but it’s terribly cute. I don’t even know if I’ve spelled her name correctly. Ah well.

Oh, and btw, there’s a mystery. This comic isn’t a year old yet, but for some reason, I have 383 comics. Why?


  1. Because it is a year and 18 days old. If you doubt me, just click “<<first" and compare dates.
    What more surprising than Errol losing track of the comic's age is that the numbering has stayed accurate this long.

    1. I’m no longer in Ottawa in tomorrow’s comic! When you come down next, then I’ll put you in somehow! And you were one of them in the crowd of blonde children… 😀

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