I’m not a huge fan of the skatage. I have wide and flat feet, so the skates hurt. However, it IS fun to go with family and hang out with them. And it’s exercise. Boy do I need exercise. ^_^

My viewing stats are through the roof, btw. I shared Sunday’s comic on my facebook wall, and probably reminded everyone that I’m still doing this. A year and some later…

I can’t believe I missed the anniversary.

So, I still have to make some fixes to the website. For example, I know comments don’t show up on the front page if you are in mobile. I need to fix that. Anyone else notice or want things in the webcomic to make it easier to use?


  1. I love Karen’s (I am spelling her name right, yes????) exresspion… it’s the look of a woman who has psne tmany a year dealing with you xD

  2. you know they make skates in wide width… it’s not like you are going to grow out of them you should just invest in a decent pair and then you won’t be so tired! mwhahahaha

  3. Alternatively, you could find a form of exercise you like better, and do that regularly. It might even help with the tiredness! I hate skating too, btw. I’d much rather walk for exercise.

      1. Well, that’s just wrong. Clearly you have failed them. 😉 Or, you know, they’re young and thin and don’t have ankles that are trying to kill them.

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