To be fair, no one was yelling out about Manpans. Had I a voice, we definitely would have been yelling out about Manpans. You let me down, Brian. You let me down. 😀

Anyway, I just went to Facebook to find the picture post of us, and then I got distracted and clear forgot why I went to Facebook. Good thing I had this tab open.

Anyway, if you get a chance to try out LockQuest, you should! It’s awesome!


    1. So much lost opportunity.. I could have said something like “Great we can’t see.. NOW how is ManPans going check on her eHaromony profile?!?!”

      And all I could say was “Yes, we could use the black light! If we knew where it was… BUT THE LIGHTS ARE OUT!!!”

      1. That’s the line I was looking for, about the black light. I know nothing about this obsession over Manpans in the dark.

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