1. Keren is COMPLETELY AWESOME and an amazing host. It was amazing to see her pull off a n evening of watching 4 kids and an invasion of 12 more. That’s 17 people under one roof! and sometimes in one kitchen!
    It makes it easy to understand why you sing her praises so often…

  2. We were sooooo grateful to Keren for watching the kids. We had wondered if we’d have a chance to do an escape room, being in a foreign country with at least one kid who was too young to tag along. Lena was hard to pull away from all that Playmobil. She has her own dollhouse, but not nearly as many parts with it (they were everywhere!). Also, I don’t know who could smell brownies over the chili.

    1. Oh man, I forgot that she also made chili for everyone too! And vegetarian chili for those that are vegetarian! She’s amazing. ^_^

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