The first train trip took about 300 minutes. We then needed to take a second train for our second leg of the trip. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it onto the first one. It was packed.

We had to move to a different platform for our second chance of boarding a train. It was pretty cold out, we had changed into winter clothes by now. And after about forty minutes, the train arrived.

They people crowded into an already crowded train. There was no orderly queue to enter the train; it was frantic rush lasting for a few feet resulting in a morass of people shoving and pushing to no avail.

My phone had run out so I could not take a video of the people trying their best to cram into a door that no one could fit in. For those of you who live in Toronto, if you think the TTC is crowded, you have seen nothing. Did I also mention the large suitcases each person carried? No. No, I didn’t.

In the end, it was quite the experience. I wish I got it on video.


  1. Having just spent a few months in Toronto, I have to say that Torontonians are probably the world’s worst at crowding onto public transportation. It’s public transportation, people; normal rules of personal space are not supposed to apply. Also, it’s hilarious how several people will stand around an empty seat taking up valuable standing room even when there are people having trouble getting on.

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