After we missed the second train, we waited another hour or so for the next train. We were very fortunate, for the door stopped right in front of us. People had to get off while the masses were trying to push in.

At one point, Ekko yelled, “OFF!”

This startled them enough that people were able to get off the train and my family crowded in. Now, I was at the end, and my hand was holding onto this large suitcase. This old woman was trying to get off and also trying to climb over my suitcase. People were pushing me from behind, but I wouldn’t let go of the suitcase. So we were at a bit of a stand still as the old woman couldn’t get through since she was stuck on my suitcase, and I couldn’t get on because she was stuck on my suitcase. Eventually, we made it through.

While we were waiting for the train to depart, we did hear one woman screaming “Anna! Anna!” Apparently, she and her twelve year old daughter got separated: the mom was on the train, and the daughter was off. She screamed her name for a long while until someone probably relented and let her on. It was pretty chaotic!

At this time, my phone was dead. My bag was also at the back of the train so I couldn’t grab my book. It was a long, one hour, train ride.


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