I don’t think the arc on getting new phones was out by the time this happened. Or maybe it was.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [In Discord] -
Ana and Egnor: Hi, Manda.
Manpans: Hi! Welcome to Canada!

Panel 2 -
Egnor: Do you have Errol's contact details? We're running late and want to tell him.
Manpans: Sure thing.
Errol is peeking in.

Panel 3 -
Egnor: He doesn't have data, and know him, he's probably early.
Manpans: He probably is.
Errol: I have data.

Panel 4 -
Ana: What? You have data?
Egnor: Since when did you have data?
Errol: A month ago, but in this comic's current timeline, it hasn't been mentioned in the comic so no one knew.
Manpans: Have I mentioned I dislike these meta comics?


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