By the way, for those of you on a Mac, when I try to save or select a file and the file dialogue box comes up, it arranges the directory in “Today”, “Past 7 Days”, “Past 30 Days” and I hate it. Why? Because what happens when I want to go into a directory? Then I have to search through and find the directory in non-alphabetical way. And then of course there were the times it didn’t seem to save the date and I couldn’t find the file until I scrolled to the bottom.

Anyone know how to change that back? I tried searching but that’s a hard thing to search. 😀

↓ Transcript
Out for a night drive...

Panel 1 -
Errol: Where are we going today?
Keren: I don't know. Wherever.

Panel 2 -
Errol: Maybe we can go where the children were conceived!
Zoe: Ew.
Ekko: No.

Panel 3 -
Errol: Oh wow. You know what 'conceived' means?
Ekko: We're not 4 years old.

Panel 4 -
Errol: To be honest, I'm shocked they aren't more disgusted.
Keren: They are your daughters.
Ekko: You've ruined us.


  1. That’s called grouping – Windows does it too and it drives me nuts. On a Mac, there’s a button with little boxes just to the right of the four View buttons (on the top of a Finder window) – click that, and you can choose what to group by (I presume one of the options is None – can’t test it, since I don’t have a Mac). Somehow you got yours grouping by Date.

    On another subject – on a (actually at least two) Windows computers using Firefox. the homepage of shows the content in a narrow bar down the middle. I can see all of the left sidebar, and the title and about a third of the comic panels. It’s been doing this for…a week? something like that. When I click on the title of a comic, it also shows in a column in the center of the page, but wide enough to see the whole comic (plus bars on either side). No idea what’s causing that – did you change your theme or coding recently?


      As for the other subject, I don’t know if something happened to the theme. It always auto updates. I shall take a look. Darn themes. Thanks for the update on that too!

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