I wonder if there is a default template I can use because I have to type in the “transcript” tag in order for it to show. I always forget to type it in! Good grief.

Anwyay, a long Mike gave us a karaoke machine for me to live up to my Filipino potential. It was great to pull it out again! Great for us, anyway. Not so much for Zoe. We sang for three hours.

↓ Transcript
All the Elumirs are in their living room.

Panel 1
Errol: Are you all finished watching "Anne with an E"
Keren: Yes. Why?

Panel 2
Erro: Look what I set up!
Keren: Oh! Good idea.

Panel 3
Ekko: Is that karaoke?
Errol: Yes.
Zoe: No.

Panel 4
Ekko: I'll get "Amazed" queued up.
Errol: I'll call Leezet.
Keren: Zoe, come sing with us!
Zoe: No.


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