The great thing about coming to the Shepherd house is the material is enough for a month long arc!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Genny: Hi, uncle Errol.
Errol: Hi, Genny. I'm uncle Errol, Ekko and Zoe's dad.

Panel 2 -
Genny: Yes, I know. I liked the comics I was in.
Errol: That's when you went canoeing with auntie Keren, right?

Panel 3 -
Genny: And she said I was her favourite.
Errol: Seriously...auntie Keren doesn't even try to hide it.
Keren: What don't I hide?

Panel 4 -
Genny: I don't mind!
Errol: That you have a favourite niece.
Keren: I don't have a favourite!
Ekko, Zoe, Maya: Yes, you do.

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