Other kids brag about their dads! Why don’t my kids brag about me?

↓ Transcript
Zoe, Ekko, Errol, and Manpans are in the room.

Panel 1 -
Manpans: You feeling better, Errol?
Errol : Yup. Thanks. Wasn't COVID.

Panel 2 -
Zoe: Why is everyone asking how dad is?
Ekko: Uh, hello? Where have you been for the last few days?

Panel 3 -
Zoe: Why? Was he sick?
Ekko: He was in bed half the day on Tuesday!

Panel 4 -
Zoe: Why would I pay attention to dad?
Errol: So you can tell your friends how trendy and handsome I am!
Ekko: No.
Manpans: So creepy!

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