I wonder if it’s a whole genre unto itself, “Parent Webcomics”. I remember when I was thinking of putting my webcomic on other sites to help promote it, the only genre it fit was “Journal” or something like that.

The comic has been going on for years now and I realize my webcomic wouldn’t really be a mainstream thing, considering it’s a bit insular and very specific to our family. So I haven’t really checked what the webcomic scene is like now, but there totally should be a “Parent” genre.

↓ Transcript
Keren, Errol, and Zoe are on screen.

Panel 1 -
Errol: You know, I was on Facebook and there were all these ads for webcomics written by parents!

Panel 2 -
Errol: And I'm all, "Wait! I'm a parent with a webcomic! Why won't these blogs feature me?!"

Panel 3 -
Keren: Good. I don't want people knowing about the comic.
Errol: What? Why not?

Panel 4 -
Keren: I don't want strangers knowing about our lives!
Errol: How is that different from what's happening now?!
Zoe: It's just five other people and auntie Leezet...


  1. Not sure how, but when I hit “Next” it cycles between “Zoom Tutorials” & “Going Public.” A little deja vu while reading. Oh, and the blue hair suits you.

    1. Oh! I think that’s a caching issue when I make a mistake and have to reload things. 🙂 I will need to remember to clear the cache every time I make a webcomic update!

  2. And I think our contingent is three, so that brings us up to 4. And then there’s EmelyntheFairy. That’s 5.

    So we’re done?

    And the prize, Steve, according to my youngest is reading the comic. Isn’t that enough? If you want homemade ice cream and fudge sauce, you’ll have to get Errol to bribe me.

  3. I am perfectly happy with the prize being getting to read the comic.

    Wait, am I the sixth reader?

    1. If you want the ice cream (and I take requests), you best wait until our administration changes (and hopefully improves – I mean, it can’t get worse….can it? (don’t answer that)) and (maybe) something rational is consistently being done in terms of health and safety across the country.

      But maybe someone can give you mangoes in the meantime.

      (ps I submitted something yesterday? (time has lost its meaning) and it never popped up. sorry if this turns into a double feature. Although I think I was more entertaining the first time)

  4. Seventh? I think it’s fun to be a part of an exclusive club at any rate.

    As for “Parent comics”, I guess two of my faves are parent comics. The other one is “The Devil’s Panties”. No, it’s not Satanic porn. As I said, it’s a parent comic. Even if it only became a parent comic recently. In other words, their child was born in the last year comic-wise. Before then you could call it slice-of-life.

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