If you ever watch shows with young people in it and think to yourself “Young people don’t talk like that”, well, I have a literal transcription from our chats just so you know how young people talk.

Of course, being a technical writer for my work, I have to refrain myself from correcting spelling mistakes. Admittedly, I’m probably the last person to be correcting anyone’s spelling mistakes…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Group Instagram Chats) -
Keren: what's the plan for supper? Do I need to pick up things or are we going out after?
Ekko: Idk
Keren: check with dad
I think we're going out for Japanese right
Ekko: Yeah dad says after his thing
Zoe: ohhh what place
Keren: Japanese. Should we go to Yonge Street or to the Don Mills one? Or the Danforth?
Leezet: I like cheese
Keren: ...
Ekko: ...
Zoe: I like the Yonge one better but idk
Ekko: Oh we can go there
Okay let's go there
Keren: Kk
Errol (Audio call started)
Ekko: stop it

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  1. I love that you change the facial expressions on the avatars. I wish that happened in real life.

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