I used to be able to do the voice. But I don’t know how anymore.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1 (Ekko, Errol, Joe, and Keren are in the car) -
Errol: So Patricia starts her job in the loan department, and she's doing quite well. People come to her office looking to get a loan, and she approves it as the loan officer. Okay, admittedly, I have no idea how loans are given, however, work with me on this one. Anyway, one day, a knock on her door comes, and when she says, "Come in", the door opens and in walks Kermit the frog. As in Kermit from the Muppet Show.

Do you know who Kermit the Frog is, Joe?
Joe: Uh...
Errol: I'll take that as a "Yes!" anyway, Patricia says, "Hello, my name is Patricia, how may I help you?"
And Kermit the frog says, "May I call you Patti?" and Patricia responds, "Of course! May I call you Kermit? I mean, you may get this all the time, but I am assuming you are Kermit the frog," says Patricia.
"I am he," says Kermit, "Anyway. I was hoping to get a loan. Our show, although popular, is not doing so well financially. There are too many cannons going off, and the maintenance and insurance fees have skyrocketed. So I'm back here again to get a loan."

Did you watch the Muppet Show, joe?
Joe: Uh...

Panel 2 -
Ekko: Why does Kermit have a Filipino accent?
Errol: Doing his voice is hard, okay?
Keren: I like Kermit with a Filipino accent!

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