I’ve been wanting to go up to Montreal to do an escape room trip. And then Michelle and Yacine from Society of Curiosities mentioned they were going and that gave us an excuse to book a trip!

I didn’t know for sure if Manpans and Margaux could make it, but they were totally game! So it was amazing!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Whole crew is at an escape room together) -
Yacine: Hello!
Michelle: Hi!
Manpans and Margaux: Hello!
Errol: Huzzah! It's Michelle and Yacine of "Society of Curiosities"!
Ekko: Hi!

Panel 2 -
Yacine: It's great to see you again!
Errol: How was the flight from Hawaii?
Michelle: It was good!

Panel 3 -
Michelle: And now we're ready for some escape rooms.
Errol: Are you sure you don't want to do all three with us tonight?

Panel 4 -
Michelle: Ha! I don't think we have the stamina for that.
Errol: Doing three rooms with me will help develop stamina!
Manpans: Or PTSD.

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