Manpans didn’t really question our desire to play Civ. But we did play Civ while we waited for Margaux!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Margaux: Here's our hotel room!
Errol: I call that bed!
Manpans: Oooh! We have a fridge!
Ekko: Our leftovers can go there.

Panel 2 -
Margaux: I'll go pick up the car rental now.
Manpans: See you soon!
Errol: Wanna continue our Civ game?
Ekko: Yeah!

Panel 3 -
Manpans: We're in Montreal and you want to play Civ?
Errol: You want to walk downstairs and then walk through the city?
Ekko: I'm not mom.

Panel 4 -
Manpans: Fair enough.
Errol: Maybe you can get your settler back!
Ekko: Don't rub it in.


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