For the record, Manpans is a trooper. She usually joins me every morning. She’s the only one. Others have abandoned me.

↓ Transcript
Manpans and Errol are on Zoom.

Panel 1 -
Manpans: Hey, Errol. I'm turning off the camera for this workout.
Errol: Yay! Thanks for joining! A few of my coworkers may join too!

Panel 2 - Errol's coworker joins on Zoom.
Manpans: OK! I'm ready.
Errol: Oh! Hey! Hi, Phil!
Phil: Good morning!

Panel 3 -
Manpans: Hi!
Errol: This is my friend Manpans. Normally, she wants topless Asian men for workouts, but not today.
Phil: ...

Panel 4 -
Errol: Hunh? That's super tame in comparison to other things I say at work.
Phil: This is true.

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