When my mom would do this, I would get so embarrassed.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Elumirs are at the movie theatre)
Ekko: Wow! I haven't been to a theatre in a long time!
Keren: I'll buy popcorn.
Zoe: I want a drink with my popcorn.
Errol: I have to go to the bathroom!

Panel 2 -
Cashier: Can I help you?
Keren: Two large popcorns and a two drinks. Oh, I saw a sign about front line workers.
Ekko: Why does dad always go to the bathroom so close to the time?

Panel 3 -
Cashier: Yes?
Keren: It flashed by too quickly though. Were you offering free things to front line people? I'm a nurse!
Zoe and Ekko look horrified.

Panel 4 -
Cashier: No, sorry, but thank you for all you do. I can give you free butter, if you like!
Keren: Sure! Thank you!
Ekko (covering her face): Mom, that's so embarassing.
Zoe (covering her face): We don't know each other...

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