They’re doing this to me on purpose. I know it. And for anyone that wishes to know, we’re watching “Crash Landing On You.” It has all the tropes, sounds incredibly silly, but we absolutely love it.

↓ Transcript
On couch in front of TV.
Panel 1 -
Ekko: Ha ha ha!
Errol: Oh man! We're almost done! Next episode!

Panel 2 -
Keren: What time is it?
Errol: I dunno. Is it late? It's a weekend though!

Panel 3 -
Ekko: It's midnight.
Keren: Already? I should go to bed.
Errol: Bed? But it's Friday!

Panel 4 -
Keren: Sorry, Everyone. Good night!
Ekko: I can watch this silly J-Drama.
Errol: Where was this discipline yesterday?


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