This is a continuation of a joke from yesterday’s comic, just in case it didn’t make sense to you. Of course, most of this comic may not make sense to you.

↓ Transcript
Elumirs and Maya are in a car.

Panel 1 -
Errol: So Jimmy asks Maya if she would go to the prom with him. and maya says, "yes, but you will need to complete five tasks." Normally tasks come in three, but we have time and this joke needs to last 30 minutes. So Jimmy asks, "What are the tasks, oh radiant one?" and Maya says, "The first task is a bubble tea. I wish to have a bubble tea. Make it a fruity one. With passion fruit."

Panel 2 -
Errol: Jimmy almost passes out at the mention of passion, but he runs off in a frenzied search for passion fruit bubble tea. He searches for the first shop in his area and finds a Coco a block away, but there's a line with a four hour wait. Jimmy does not waver in his determination and boldly stands in line with the ferocity of a warrior. Five hours later, he's back to Maya, and Maya gladly accepts the drink. "Thank you, applicant number 82. My second task for you involves a corsage. I need something that would accentuate my beauty."

Panel 3 -
Errol: Jimmy, not well-versed in the purchasing of flowery accoutrement, begins his two day quest to find a store which sells this strange item known as a corsage. He eventually finds one after asking his mom, and fortunately, the store only has a line with a three hour wait. Clutching his hard earned dollars, he dons his mask again and faces the gruelling ordeal of line standing with the tenacity of a turtle. His patience pays off and he purchases the corsage and returns to Maya with corsage in hand.

Panel 4 - Three other tasks and twenty minutes later.
Errol: Jimmy is finally at the prom with Maya, and Maya asks for some punch. jimmy now knows the lay of the land and trundles off to find a punch bowl not sullied by the ne'er-do-wellers of his school. He spots said punch bowl, and gets a drink with ease, because in this joke, there is no punch line.
Ekko: Mom, don't laugh. It only encourages him.

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