Leezet is so curious, it’s better not to bring things up with her because it’s constant “Why?! Why?!” 😀

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Choy: Mom, I made an escape room for your birthday. Can you book off the 15th?
Leezet: That's nice of you. But why the 15th? Isn't that a Wednesday?

Panel 2 -
Choy: I don't have school the next day. And can it be at lola and lolo's?
Leezet: At lola's? Why would we do an escape room at lola's?

Panel 3 -
Choy: I made it! And it will start at ten, so make sure lolo doesn't go to his "meeting".
Leezet: Ten? In the evening?! Why would it be at ten?!

Panel 4 -
Choy: Also, clear the bottom bunk in the spare room.
Leezet: Hunh? Why are we doing that?
Choy: It's for the escape room!
Leezet: But why?!

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  1. There was more. It was “Clear the bottom bunk because we’re going to put a dead body on it.”
    And throughout this whole time, I didn’t suspect anything. Nothing whatsoever.

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