Leezet is a doctor. In Canada, there is a doctor shortage. It’s hard for her to get time off. Poor Leezet.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Choy: Mom, are you busy the week of the 15th?
Leezet: I'd have to check. Why?

Panel 2 -
Choy: Birthday surprise. Can you book off the whole week?
Leezet: They whole week?! I can't book a whole week off!

Panel 3 -
Choy: Trust me! It's for your birthday! You need whole week off. Including days.
Leezet: What? Why?! Why during the day? Are you going to hang out with me the whole time?

Panel 4 -
Choy: ...yes?
Leezet: For one, I don't believe you. And two, you're not skipping school.

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