I took a puppet out for a Zoom work meeting. Zoe found good use for it.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 - Errol is alone in the panel.
Offscreen: AAAH!

Panel 2
Ekko: Dad! Did you put that creepy puppet in my bed?!
Errol: No.

Panel 3 - Errol is alone in the panel.
Offscreen: AAAAHH!

Panel 4
Ekko: Dad!! Why is it in my room again?
Errol: There are two possible suspects in this crime! Why pick on me?
Zoe peeking in and snickering.


  1. For something to become a habit – I think it’s 37 times or something like that?
    Oh wait, or is that the number of times you’re supposed to offer broccoli to a kid…?

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