In the end, the discount was only a couple of dollars, so it wasn’t worth her pride.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Leezet (thought bubble): How could they think I'm a senior?
Errol: This is what happens when you live a rough life, Micah.

Panel 2 -
Leezet (thought bubble): Although, a discount is nice...
Errol: In other words, don't have kids.

Panel 3 -
Leezet (thought bubble): How much of a discount is it?
Errol: Between me and my sister, whom do you think looks older, Micah?
Micah: Her.

Panel 4 -
Leezet (thought bubble): Wait, no! Stop it! I am not a senior!
Errol: You've raised your kids right, Matt.
Matt: Thank you.

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